About Ken Dutton


  • Born in Sheffield, England, 1952.

  • Chartered professional engineer.

  • Qualifications etc:   BSc, PhD, CEng, FIET, FInstMC.

  • Married for 45 years.

  • Two daughters.

  • Three grandchildren.

  • Likes to think of himself as a musician too (keyboards / bass guitar / very rusty voice).



  • Attended Greenhill Methodist Church, Sheffield, since before birth.

  • Occasionally ejected from Sunday school, due to disruptive behaviour.  Father inevitably not amused!

  • Excellent knowledge of science, for his age, prevented him "becoming a Christian" in his mid- to late-teens.

  • Learned more about the relationship between science and Christianity by reading / praying.

  • Became a Christian at age 22.

  • Has now been a speaker on the relationship between science and religion for several years.



  • BSc and PhD in control systems analysis and design.

  • Chartered engineer - so an applied scientist, as opposed to a pure scientist such as a theoretical physicist.

  • Elected a Fellow of two UK engineering institutions.

  • Ten years working in process control research and development in the steel industry.

  • Obtained PhD (on automatic control of flatness when rolling stainless steel) whilst working full-time in the industry - mainly on other projects!

  • 25 years lecturing at Sheffield Hallam University (you can probably guess the subject).

  • Took early retirement in 2010, but continued to do some carefully-selected lecturing and industrial liaison for the University until 2015.


Useful consequences

  • The pragmatic approach of the professional engineer is evident in his books.

  • Because of his background, in A Working Faith in an Age of Science he is equally at home defending good science and belief in God. As a result, that book is unusually even-handed in that respect.